Saturday, November 3, 2007

Back into the fray

So this research thing is coming to an end, and I'm starting my internal medicine clerkship at UH on Monday. I'm hoping to post occasionally, if only to get my own thoughts in order regarding this medicine thing, but if there's radio silence for a while here, that's the reason.

Ben was out playing poker with some colleagues last night, and I had a rather delightful evening at home - I curled up in bed, watched the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring (and disc one of The Two Towers - shhh) and knit like crazy. I'm now almost halfway through Henry, and it's definitely looking scarf-like, which is gratifying. I had hoped to finish this before, well, now, but at least I finally feel like I'm making progress. (I really need to get my act together and dig out the camera.)

Last weekend was so much fun with Ben's parents - we had a big dinner party on Saturday, which I utterly failed to photograph - but it was really a great time. Everyone brought just amazing food, and my maiden attempt at chicken cacciatore was pretty successful. (I had a lot of help from my grandmother via telephone, but it worked out all right.) And it was really lovely to get to spend some time with Ben's parents. Lola and I did not make it to a yarn shop, though, so she'll have to come visit again.

That's really about it here, I think - this past week has consisted mostly of frantically getting my research manuscript together. It ended up cohering into something I'm fairly proud of (although I totally need a sexier title, as "Associations Among Patient Demographic Characteristics and Cancer Care Practices in the Early Treatment Phase of Advanced Cancer" is pretty yawn-inducing), and we'll be shopping it around to a few journals in January, probably. It's nothing ground-breaking, and will probably end up in some journal with a fifteen-word title, but it's nice to have something completed.

Oh! Ben and I going to Table 45 tonight, as a last-date-before-I'm-living-at-the-hospital sort of thing. I'll report back - the menu looks amazing, and it's been getting pretty good reviews in the Cleveland press, so hopefully we're in for some deliciousness tonight.

Edited to add: Also, I'm not sure if anyone I know in real life is doing it, but I'm sending well-wishes out into the ether for everyone doing NaNoWriMo - every November I think I'll try it, but each year I am just not brave enough. Maybe next year.

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KJ said...

Have you considered NaBloPoMo?

(I'm obviously not doing it, but you like writing more than I do.)